Flow Master

Helping your ecommerce biz match your vision faster.

Flow Master is the compressed e-commerce expertise from Kasey Luck and the Luck & Co team in the form of easy-to-follow email flow blueprints.

It's the framework we've developed and perfected over 8+ years in email marketing and 2.5 years of creating email flows for e-commerce brands every.single.day. Those flows generate $50K-$800K in automated revenue for our clients every month.

Flow Master allows smaller e-commerce brands to use the same blueprints for a muuuuuuuch cheaper price than we charge for our service. This way, you can create those highly converting email flows for YOUR company.

As an agency, we currently charge $20,000+ for the full execution of flows. Flow Master is the strategy + structure part of that, easily valued at $10,000.

  • Regular price: $1,500.
  • Get Flow Master now for: $990

Examples of Results

Here's a screenshot from a recent Flow Master customer. They used the blueprints in the program to build their Klaviyo flows (notice the "FM" — Flow Master 😉 — in the flow titles).

In just the last 30 days of this screenshot, this brand made $4,960 from flows — that's almost 30% of their total WooCommerce revenue! 🤯 🤑

Once they've automated 30% of their revenue, this brand could reinvest that money into more customer acquisition — which made them more competitive — and hire a marketing contractor. Nowadays, their shop is making $50,000+ per month in revenue, and they continue to grow rapidly.


After the first month with Luck & Co, our revenue from Klaviyo completely skyrocketed. It went from about 2-3% of our revenue to then 33% of our revenue once Luck & Co took over.

Our overall revenue grew 32% that month as well, and I can safely say that was all due to Kasey and her team. I know that we did not run any sort of additional ad campaigns or promotions that would drive anything to our website.

Bridget Balesteri

- Bridget Balesteri, Brand Manager at Reuzel

What You Get

  • Complete blueprints for TEN (10) ecommerce email flows.

What's a blueprint? Glad you asked! It's everything you'll need to create uniquely your email content that will convert because it follows our strategy & structure guidelines.

Each of the 10 flows covers:

  • flow objective
  • flow structure (trigger, time delays, flow filters, additional filters, etc.)
  • a screenshot of the exact build in Klaviyo with all settings (so you can just replicate and don't reinvent the wheel)
  • email structure, content ideas, and subject line ideas for every single email in each of 10 flows
  • examples of finished emails (that we created for our clients) for every single email in each of the 10 flows

Please note that Flow Master does not include:

  • Email or phone support (but we DO have a comments section inside Flow Master and we respond to comments within 2 business days!)
  • Content creation (the Flow Master shows and teaches you what content should be in all flow emails by providing prompts, structure, and examples, but we do not provide any ready-to-use content for your brand's emails)
Flow Master

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What Customers Say

"We love Flow Master! … It was a complete game-changer starting from 0. The content is super easy, super accessible - anyone within the team can do it."

— Juan Lopez Salaberry, Founder & CEO of  Innerforce

"I have paid a lot more for a lot less in the past. The price is really the best out there.

It literally has everything you need to set up the best-in-class email system."

— Charles Smith, Founder & CEO of Saha Self Care